Film: In the 1830s, a research expedition catalogued several specimens of birds from the Galapagos islands.
Film: Some of these birds displayed evolutionary adaptations for food availability in their local areas.
Film: But unknown to the researchers, another species on the island shad been intelligently designed and placed there by God for one reason and one reason alone.
Film: Created with razor-sharp beaks and an unstoppable killer instinct, these finches existed to hunt and destroy Charles Darwin at all costs.
Film: Now one man stands between scientific rigor and certain death. Can he find an explanation for God’s finches before he is killed?
Film: On the Origin of Species 2: God Strikes Back. Coming to theatres in December 2019.


Fru (Röd): Vi borde se den där, den verkar bra.
Fru (Lila): Ja, men jag känner inte igen vissa karaktärer från boken.


Wife (Red): We should see this movie, it looks good!
Wife (Purple): Yes, but I don’t recognize a few characters from the books.